5 Essential Steps To Optimising Your Website For Search Engines by a Wellington SEO Agency


Wellington Search Engine Optimisation agencySearch engine optimisation is a set of measures and actions meant to improve the visibility in search engines of your website. It enables you to receive more organic traffic to your web pages by helping your pages show on higher positions in the SERPs. The following five steps suggested by a Wellington SEO Agency will help you develop a solid SEO strategy to attract more traffic to your website.


  1. The first step of any good SEO strategy is good keyword research. You have to find and target the most lucrative keywords in your niche or industry, as this is the only way you can rule the organic search results. The ideal keywords should have enough monthly search volume to be worth the effort. In addition, they should be moderately competitive. Targeting low volume keywords is an easy task, but you won’t get too many visitors to your website, as very few people actually search for these phrases. On the other hand, targeting search terms with very high traffic volumes and with a lot of strong competitors won’t bring you success, either. You may need many months, if not years, to be able to gather enough inbound links to defeat very old websites with high authority and with millions of inbound links. The lest thin to keep in mind is that your targeted keywords should have high commercial value. This means people searching for them should be already in the last stage of the purchasing process, when they only want to find the best place to get what they need.

  1. Use your keywords and your key phrases the smart way. Your content should be keyword-rich, yet intelligible and well written. Avoid keyword stuffing, but do use a lot of variations of your keywords such as synonyms and related terms. By making your content relevant for your targeted keywords, you’ll help search engines to understand what your website is all about.


  1. Make sure you include your main keywords in the title tags and in the headlines of your website, as well as in the first paragraph on the page. As a general rule, you should have one main keyword assigned to each page, and then keep in mind that you’re probably going to rank for a lot more.


  1. Be smart when you develop your link-building strategy. Build one-way inbound links by publishing articles on other websites. These websites will give you credit by linking back to your own website. You may also want to exchange links with other web-masters, but keep in mind that this isn’t the best link building tactic ever, so according to a Wellington SEO agency use it only scarcely.


  1. Submit your website to the major business directories in your industry, with the purpose of building citations. This will help increasing the local authority of your website.


All these tips should help you improve your SEO results within weeks, provided that you implement them wisely and consistently. A proven Wellington SEO Agency can advise you how to progess.