Selecting An Auckland Immigration Lawyer

For most people, the law governing immigration into New Zealand can be quite complicated to understand. On top of that, the details are regularly altered so what may have been an eligible application a few months ago, might not be now. To get the latest expert advice you need to consult an Auckland immigration lawyer to ease your application process.

How To Find An Auckland Immigration Lawyer?

There are four main ways to find a reputable Auckland immigration lawyer.

Ask for a recommendation

If you know someone who has already had a successful immigration application into New Zealand, then ask them to introduce you to their immigration lawyer. This will save you the issue of researching the individual lawyer to see if they can actually do the job since your friend or family member has already gone through that process for you.

Search online for An Auckland Immigration Lawyer

Another way to build a list of potential immigration lawyers in Auckland is to search through Google. This will generate a long list of potential lawyers for you to contact. At this stage you don’t know anything about their skills or track record. Nor do you know how much they are going to charge to help you with your NZ visa application. However, you can get a good gauge of their skills by visiting their website. For example, this law firm, McVeagh Fleming, is a medium-sized practice with two offices and a growing staff so they must be successful for their clients.

NZ Law Society

This is an organisation that provides support, research, and other services to law firms in New Zealand. Their key role it to help lawyers improve their practices. However they also have a “Find a Lawyer” feature on their website. This is a useful way to find potential immigration lawyers.

Auckland District Law Society

This is a similar organisation providing training, documents, and other services for Auckland lawyers. For example, nearly all house purchases, and business acquisitions are carried out using the ADSL Sale and Purchase Agreement. Many of these documents are available for purchase from their website. They also have a find a lawyer feature but only for Auckland=based law firms. This might be a more convenient option for you if you are looking to immigrate to Auckland.

Other Considerations When Picking An Auckland Immigration Lawyer

An obvious consideration is the location of the immigration lawyer. If you live in Half Moon Bay, you probably don’t want to hire a lawyer in Mt Albert.  So when you are doing your research, be sure to check the location of the immigration lawyers you are looking at. However, if you live in central Auckland or have a job in the city, an immigration lawyer in the Auckland CBD, would probably be a good option for you.


Auckland Immigration LawyerThe size of the law firm might be a point for you to think about. For example, would you rather work with a small firm where they are more personalised, or would you prefer the weight of a large law firm? Both have pros and cons. A happy middle ground is to look for a medium-sized firm of lawyers where you can still get a more personal service without the intimidation of dealing with a big firm. One of the leading mid-sized law firms in Auckland is McVeagh Fleming. An additional advantage of dealing with a firm like this is that once your immigration has been processed, you might need legal advice on other topics, and a law firm like this has experts in most fields of law work.


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